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Rtmcmed – Advanced Surgery and Oncology Medical Center

Established by some of Israel's finest physicians, world-renowned experts in the fields of surgery and oncology, Rtmcmed Advanced Surgery and Oncology Medical Center goal is to provide the patients with professional, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary solutions, including consulting, diagnosis and surgery.
Rtmcmed Advanced Surgery and Oncology Medical Center uses the time proven American model of “Medical Group Practice”—a collective work of expert physicians from various, complementing fields of medicine— that yields the best results for the patients.

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The Experts of Rtmcmed – Advanced Surgery & Oncology Multidisciplinary Center

Dr. Alex Beny – oncologist

Prof. Yehuda Ullman – plastic surgery expert

Prof. Amnon Amit expert in gynecology and obstetrics, specializing in gynecologic oncology

Dr. Rafi Klein –expert breast surgeon

Dr. Rawi Hazan – internal medicine, gastroenterology and liver disease expert

Dr. Ella Veizman – liver diseases expert

Dr. Ziv Neeman – interventional radiology expert

Dr. Naama Marcus – gynecology and obstetrics expert

Dr. Abed Agbabrya – oncologist

Our Fields
of Expertise:

  • General Surgery Center
  • - Robotic Surgery (Da Vinci)
    - Minimally Invasive (Laparoscopic) Surgery
    - Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgery
    - Gastro intestinal and oncological surgery

  • Women's Health Center
  • - Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology
    - Breast Surgery, including Reconstructive Surgery
    - Urogynecology—Innovative Approach to Pelvic Floor Surgery

  • Melanoma and Skin Tumors Center
  • Urology and Oncologic Urology
  • Oncology Center
  • Gastroenterology and Liver disease Center
  • Interventional Radiology Center—Diagnosis and Treatment

We believe that All Patients
 Deserve the Best
 Medical Care

The patients are at the center, and our duty is to offer them the best medical treatment, by a staff of expert physicians who collaborate and put to practice their experience and their medical background, using the most advanced technologies that exist in the world of modern medicine. All this while emphasizing efficient procedures and close guidance for the patients and their families in a supportive, professional environment.

We are obliged and are obligated to adhere to standards of medical excellence while offering utmost respect, safety and discretion. The dedicated staff of physicians will practice transparency with our patients and their families, regarding the medical procedure.
Personal Service, Support for the Patients and their Families, Professional Excellence and Reliability are the Essence of Our Professional Philosophy